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Piwigo is an open source gallery application. Piwigo was initially released in 2002 and renamed from PhpWebGallery in 2009.

Piwigo is a photo gallery software for the web that comes with powerful features to publish and manage your collection of pictures.

  • Privacy on your Photos. Make your photos private and decide who can see each of them. You can set permissions on albums and photos, for groups or individual users.
  • Photo Tagging. Offer your visitors another way to browse your photos, starting from the tags cloud and using multiple related tags to reduce the selection.
  • Browse by Date. Digital cameras store the date in the photo and Piwigo uses this date to display your photo collection in a calendar and let you browse from day to day.
  • Statistics and Management Tools. Administrators can browse history, process photos in batch mode, validate comments and user photos, add permalinks or manage remote servers.
  • Themes and Plugins. Change appearance with themes. Add features with plugins. Extensions require just a few clicks to get installed. 350 extensions available, and growing!
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2.4.12012-07-03 (Ultima versione)
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